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Sep 25, 2012 11:00am EDT
los angeles, california. >> drew: hey, love what you've done with the place, it's beautiful. we're going to play a game called can wp dpold en row, how about that. >> sounds exciting. >> drew: it is exciting, this is one of our biggest money games. we're going to start with this sumpl can of dog food and we're going to follow this golden road and play for that. go ahead, george. >> george: a collection of picnic totes. ( cheers and applause ) this collection of picnic time essentials includes a rolling cooler with blanket, wine tote, insulated coffee tote, and two sport chairs with built-in tray tables and pockets. a perfect picnic from picnic time! >> drew: so dog food, and picnic totes, and if you win the toets we're going to follow the row to this prize over here. >> george: a new hot tub! ( cheers and applause ) this beachcomber hybrid hot tub combines a sealed insulation package with an energy saver management system to provide a much more efficient tub. comfortable design and quality construction from beachcomber hot tubs. >> drew: let's say you know dog food, let's say we
Sep 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
) first, you and a guest will fly roundtrip coach from los angeles to san francisco for a six-night stay in an executive king suite at the san francisco marriott marquis. rising 39 stories high and just steps from the world famous union square, this hotel exudes an essence of modern luxury, the magnificent san francisco marriott marquis. plus, enjoy a helicopter sightseeing tour of san francisco and the bay area, followed by lunch in sausalito. and second, you and a guest will fly roundtrip coach from los angeles to colorado springs, colorado, for a six- night stay in a premier celebrity suite, including buffet breakfast, at the cliff house. this aaa four diamond award- winning inn is decorated in the style of the late 1800's, complimented with modern flair and luxury. relax by the fireplace or enjoy dramatic mountain views, from the cliff house at pikes peak. plus, you'll receive two pikes peak plus passes, which include a half day white water raft trip, entrance to museums, popular spots, and more! >> drew: thank you, george. this game is called switch. the trip to san francisco, 4,948
Sep 19, 2012 11:00am EDT
will fly round-trip coach from los angeles to maui for a six-night stay at the hyatt regency maui resort and spa. located on 40 oceanfront acres on ka'anapali beach, there's something for everyone in a setting of tropical luxury. from the hyatt regency maui resort and spa. >> drew: $8,190 or are $6,485? ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> i'm going to go with $6,458. >> drew: good luck. $6,485. ( buzzer ) it was $8,000, i'm sorry. more pricing games coming up on ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right." george gray, who's next, please? >> george: it's going to be kevin dubeau, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: all right! hi, kevin, welcome to the show, nice to see you. next prize, please. >> george: the beautiful manuela is coming down bidder's row with diamond earrings! ( cheers and applause ) puts you center stage in brilliance with these classic, super-chic half-carat diamond, 14 karat white gold earrings. uniquely yours. from >> drew: thank you very much. thank, ma
Sep 24, 2012 11:00am EDT
? >> los angeles. >> drew: what do you do? >> oh my goodness, let me think about it. i'm a zumba instructor and reikki. >> drew: are you feeling lucky today? >> yes, i'm lucky. >> drew: i hope you're the luckiest person the the world because here's what's you're going to play. go ahead, george. 6. >> george: hey jacquelyn, you're going to play plinko for a chance to win up to $50,000. ( cheers and applause ) >> drew:. >> yes! >> drew: here is a plinko chip worth up to $10,000. it's worth up to $10,000. >> yes! >> drew: one of our unpregnant models manuela is over there. she's got four more plinko chips, if you know the price of the prizes behind the displace. let's start with the first one, george. >> george: alright drew, first, this durable nonstick panini press comes with a floating hinge so you can grill sandwiches with different thickness at the same time. >> drew: pannini press. the price starts with a four or ends with a zero. what do you think? >> ends in a zero. >> drew: ends with a zero. it is 70 bucks! you get another chip. now you've got two chems. nux one, please. well second,
Sep 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
! ( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will fly roundtrip coach from los angeles to venice, italy for a six-night stay in a deluxe double room, including daily breakfast, at the hotel paganelli. steeped in history and enhanced by modern comforts, this boutique hotel is located in the heart of the city, just steps from saint mark's square. plus, learn how to row a gondola, as you glide through the venice canals during a two- hour class. >> drew: nice. this game is fantastic. all you have to do is get rid of one of the numbness the middle. the nine is correct, the three at the en is correct, you just have to get rid of the eight, the five or this other eight. john what do you think? >> let me see, let me see. let me consult real quick. >>rew: all right. just hand it over, i'll take that. squeeze those numbers together. $9,853 for a trip to venice, lit i. are you ready? >> yes. >> drew: one, two? you got a digital camera. it's not bad. you're going to spin the wheel later in the show. so we'll be back, we have one more game, then the wheel. hey, guys. teen: hey, mom. i'm starving. ch
Sep 18, 2012 11:00am EDT
's get it! >> george first, you and a guest will fly round-trip coach from los angeles to cozumel, mexico, for a six-night all-inclusive stay, plus a $1,500 resort credit at cozumel palace. with palancar reef just off shore, this stunning oceanfront resort is the ideal getaway for all ages and perfect for divers, snorkelers, and those seeking a caribbean island vacation. from cozumel palace. and relax and enjoy a diving experience as you swim among the schools of fish and take in the beauty of the ocean floor. and second, you and a guest will fly round-trip coach from los angeles to aspen, colorado, for a six-night stay including daily continental breakfast at the pokolodi lodge, close to the ski slopes, shopping, and ski school. family-friendly service at affordable prices for all your travel needs. from the pokolodi lodge. plus, enjoy four-day lift tickets for the slopes in aspen. >> drew: here is a game is called one right price. over the by gwendolyn, we have the trip to cozumel and over there by manuela we have the trip to aspen, in the middle is rachel with the price $7,884. that's
Sep 20, 2012 11:00am EDT
round-trip coach from los angeles to san francisco for a four-night stay in the presidential suite including daily breakfast at the omni hotel san francisco. located in the heart of the city, this beautiful downtown nob hill hotel is just a short walk from popular attractions like union square, north beach, and chinatown. enjoy boutique ambiance with modern style at the omni hotel san francisco. then, get ready for lock down! not really, but you will experience a night tour of historic alcatraz that includes a personally narrated boat ride around the island and a tour of the infamous federal penitentiary. >> drew: thank you. so it's $9,923 or $1,199. or $3,211. when you see the price appear in the frame, pull the lever. ( audience yelling suggestions ) if you're right, you win. >> hold on a second. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> drew: $1,382. $9,113. talk it over. $2,591. $2,235. >> no, no. it's definitely going to be in the eight or nine. ( audience yelling suggestions ) does it both have to be in there? >> drew: yes, both numbers, right now it is $1,382. now it is $9,113. $9
Sep 21, 2012 11:00am EDT
round-trip coach from los angeles to oakland and then on to napa in your rental car for a three-night stay, including dinner and two tickets for the wine train, courtesy of the river terrace inn. featuring exquisite riverfront views and steps away from the recently revitalized downtown area, guests of the river terrace inn experience laid back california charm and enjoy access to the secrets of napa. >> drew: let's start with you, fareeda. >> $1,300. >> drew: neil? >> $1,000. >> drew: $1,000. >> $1,900. >> drew: $1,900. ashley? >> $1,301. >> drew: $1,301. all right. actual retail prize: $3,522. ( bell rings ) ( cheers and applause ) come on up here. let's find out what you're going to win. go ahead, george. >> george: it's a 1962 lincoln convertible! ( cheers and applause ) get ready to cruise in style with this 1962 lincoln continental. this classic convertible features a power top, 430 cubic inch v8 engine, and automatic transmission. it's the lincoln continental, a terrific prize worth $ 29,500! ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: this is the game it's called checkout. okay? don
Sep 26, 2012 11:00am EDT
to tahiti. ( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will fly round- trip coach from los angeles to tahiti for a five-night stay in a premium suite at the oceanfront radisson plaza resort tahiti. each of the 152 rooms is tastefully decorated in a contemporary tahitian style with stunning views of matavai bay in every room. unwind at the radisson plaza resort tahiti. plus, ride out to fisher bay for an unforgettable swim with the dolphins. >> drew: the game is called coming or going, easy game. make the numbers so they're coming towards you, or make them so they're going away from you, $9,897. that's all you gotta do is tilt it one way or the other. if you get it the right way you're on your way to tahiti. $9,897. for a trip to tahiti, five nights. ready, earl? >> yes. >> drew: one, two, three, light it up! you got it! you're on your way to tahiti! that's the way to start out the show. hey, george, let's get another contestant up here right away. >> george: jillian grant, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: hi, jillian. and let's see the next prize, go
Sep 5, 2012 11:00am EDT
at a museum next month, but getting there has some people in los angeles a little upset. crews are cutting down 400 trees along a 12-mile stretch from l.a.x. to the california science center. the move is part of a two-day parade, which will now likely also feature protesters. officials say the shuttle needs the extra room to make it down neighborhood streets. they say dismantling the shuttle or airlifting it are not options. >> sitting at the stoplight with a little bit of shade, and now it's gone. it's a concrete jungle. more like new york than it is los angeles. >> i'm excited to see the "endeavour." it's a once in a lifetime chance and i'm excited to see it. >> crews also plan to raise power lines and remove traffic signs to make room for the orbiter. they agreed to replant twice as many trees along the route once the shuttle is moved. the big move scheduled for october 12th. >>> let's get another check on the midday traffic right now. danella sealock is here with that. >> i've got good news if you're traveling 395. northbound at etzel, had a crash. it was blocking the left lane. the go
Sep 4, 2012 11:00am EDT
as they battle this wildfire northeast of los angeles. about 300 firefighters are fighting the so-called williams fire on the ground while half a dozen helicopters are dropping water from above. the fire burned more than 4,000 acres in san gabriel mountains. only 5% contained. the fire broke out sunday near a camp ground forcing thousands of people to evacuate during the busy labor day weekend. >>> the power is slowly returning to the gulf coast a week after hurricane isaac hit. right now less than 44,000 people are without power in louisiana. restored power to all customers in mississippi and arkansas. the death toll has risen to eight. a 90-year-old man died in his home near new orleans. the damage from isaac could total more than $2 billion. president obama toured new orleans promising help for survivors. >> one thing you know about folks in louisiana, they are resilient. people in mississippi, they are resilient. they know what tough times are like, but they know that they can bounce back. >> meanwhile, officials are pumping out water from a swollen lake at mercy quin state park. t >>> a myst
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11